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Submit a Root Inclusion Request

The “Root Inclusion Request” case is used by a CA Owner to request that one or more of their root CA certificates be included in one or more Root Store Programs.

Root Store Member(s) review and process requests for inclusion in accordance with separate program requirements and within their own program timelines. The review process begins after a CA Owner has added a root CA certificate to the CCADB and submitted a “Root Inclusion Request” to Root Store(s) for review.

Note: New required fields were added to CCADB Root Case records on December 22, 2022, and those fields will have to be populated in the “Root Inclusion Request” case to update a pre-existing Root Case record. Those fields will be in the applicable Root Program tab of the Root Inclusion Request case. CA Owners are expected to continue using the Add/Update Root Request Case type to make necessary updates to CA Owner and Root Certificate records, such as policy and audit updates.