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CCADB licenses are intended for Root Store Operators and the Certification Authorities (CAs) who are in their programs, with the intention of jointly maintaining overlapping data about the CAs in their programs. A license should not generally be required to view CCADB data, because most of the non-personally-identifying information in the CCADB is published via URLs provided on this website as well as on the Root Store Operator websites.

Root Store Operators of the CCADB share the cost in the maintenance of the CRM service, customization, and license fees. CAs are not currently charged a fee to have a CCADB CA Community License, because those licenses are paid for by the Root Store Operators.

The Root Store Operators of the CCADB reserve the right to not provide CCADB access to an organization for any reason or no reason at all.

To get access to the CCADB the organization must be sponsored by a Root Store Operator of the CCADB. To be sponsored, the CA will either have a root certificate included in one or more of the Root Store Operators’ programs, or be in the process of requesting root certificate inclusion into one or more of the Root Store Operators’ programs.

The CCADB is a highly customized instance of the Salesforce CRM, so as part of your application for CCADB access, you must review the Salesforce Terms of Service and state that you can abide by it. CCADB CA Community licenses may only be issued to individuals who officially represent the CA.

Some of the Root Store Operators of the CCADB require contractual agreements with the CAs in their program. Therefore, your CA organization must be capable of entering into a contractual agreement with a US-based company.

Application for CCADB Access

If your CA is new to the CCADB, then submit this form to request access.

The CCADB is a highly customized instance of Salesforce, so in the access request form you must confirm that you can abide by the Salesforce Terms of Service. Note that Salesforce prevents access in some global regions as indicated in the “Export Compliance” section of the Salesforce Master Subscription Agreement.

If there are any questions about the completeness of your application, we will get back to you. Otherwise, once we have received this information, we will make a determination on whether your organization is sponsored by a Root Store Operator of the CCADB to receive access to the CCADB. If it is determined that your CA may receive access to the CCADB, then a CCADB CA Community license will be issued to the CA’s representative’s email address provided in the form, and that individual will receive an email with further instructions.

Changing CCADB Licenses

CAs who already have access to the CCADB may request changes to their CCADB licenses by submitting an Add/Update Contacts Case.