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CCADB Self-Assessment

Self-assessments are valuable. They allow CA Owners to reflect and make objective judgments and self learnings based on criteria they have agreed to follow. They also provide Root Store Operators with transparency and assurance that controls are in place and operating effectively to maintain privacy and security for end users. Finally, they provide an opportunity for continuous improvement by either calling attention to policy requirements that may be misinterpreted or otherwise benefit from enhancement or modernization.

Some Root Store policies may require the completion of a self-assessment using the CCADB template at various times to evaluate the conformance of the CA Owner’s policies against industry policies and practices.

Version Effective Date
1.3 (Latest) January 17, 2024
1.2 June 16, 2023
1.1 March 3, 2023
1.0 January 5, 2023

The CCADB Steering Committee maintains and updates the template whenever a corresponding set of policies is updated.