Common CA Database

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CCADB Usage Guidelines

This page is intended for CA Owners who have requested and obtained access to the CCADB. We look forward to your help in keeping your CA’s data up-to-date in the CCADB, and ask that you follow these usage guidelines.

CCADB Logins

Each CA Owner should:

  • Consume less than 5 daily-unique-logins per month on average (i.e., one day per week).
    • There will be certain months in which you need to log in more frequently to update data regarding your CA, which is why we focus on average usage.
  • Designate one individual who usually logs into the CCADB on the CA’s behalf.
    • An individual who has an account that can log in to the CCADB is called a Primary Point of Contact (POC) in the CCADB.
  • Designate one or more backup individuals who can log in to the CCADB on the CA’s behalf when the primary individual is unavailable, with a maximum of 5 Primary POCs for each CA Owner.

Authentication to the CCADB’s production environment via the CCADB API consumes a license and counts towards the daily-unique-login numbers. Testing with the API should be done in the CCADB Sandbox environment so that it does not consume daily-unique-login numbers.

If your CA needs to consume more than 4 daily-unique-logins per month on average, then please notify to explain why.

We welcome you to add your ideas to CCADB Public about the information that you would like the CCADB to provide without requiring a login and how you would like to obtain that information.


  • A Primary POC logs into the CCADB via a Salesforce Community License.
  • Salesforce counts one login for each 24-hour period that a POC logs into the CCADB, which is referred to as daily-unique-login.
  • The CCADB Steering Committee member organizations are currently paying for a monthly allotment of daily-unique-logins for CAs.
  • Salesforce follows a yearly entitlement policy to determine the number of used daily-unique-logins (i.e., our monthly allotment x 12), which resets annually on August 5.