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Root Store Membership

If you are a browser manufacturer or developer of software that includes a trusted root certificate store that you actively manage, you may wish to consider joining the CCADB as a Root Store Operator.

Membership Requirements

Applicants for membership must:

In addition, participation in the CCADB is at Mozilla’s discretion. Mozilla reserves the right not to include a particular Root Store Operator in the CCADB, and not to issue a license to the Common CA Database for any or no reason, including without limitation cases where we believe that including or issuing a license to a Root Store Operator would interfere with the operation or security of the CCADB, or would breach our agreements with the underlying CRM.

Membership Application

To begin the process, submit your application by sending email to Here are the points you should address in your application:

  • Written confirmation that you produce a software product that includes trusted root certificates, and is intended for use by the general public.
  • The organization name, as you wish it to appear in the CCADB and in official documents.
  • The URL of your main Web site.
  • Names and email addresses of your employees who will participate in the CCADB (Full names and nicknames with surnames will be helpful in future communications).
  • Emergency contact information for security issues related to certificate trust lists (Email addresses, at least one telephone number, and full names and nicknames with surnames will be helpful in future communications).
  • The following information for the person who has the authority to sign Mozilla’s Common CA Database Agreement on behalf of your organization:
    • Signatory information (name, email address, title);
    • Legal entity name and address;
    • Names and email addresses of anyone who needs to be CC’d on the agreement.

If there are any questions about your application, we will get back to you. Otherwise, once we have received this information, Mozilla will make a determination on whether to include your organization as a Root Store Operator and communicate its determination to you, along with any information about your membership and participation.