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Root Store Operators: Why Use the CCADB?

While maintaining an up-to-date root store containing only credible CAs is important and necessary for many organizations to help keep their end users safe, it is usually not done for profit and is not a strategic area for core business. Much of the data that Root Store Operators (Members) maintain for their programs is common and public data. Participating in the Common CA Database (CCADB) will pave the way for better, more efficient and more cost-effective management of your root store, making the internet safer for everyone.

The CCADB has the following capabilities:

  • Automates notification to CA Owners when updated audit statements are due;
  • Enables multiple people to share in the maintenance of the CA Owner and CA certificate data (CP/CPS links, audit links/dates/auditor qualifications, Points of Contact, etc.);
  • Automates sending of communications to CA Owners and receiving and analyzing their responses;
  • Makes it easier to review information and status associated with root inclusion requests;
  • Tracks non-technically-constrained intermediate certificates;
  • Permits a CA Owner to apply to multiple root stores with a single request; and
  • Makes your Root Store Program more transparent.

Root Store Operators (Members) can:

  • Access the CCADB;
  • Independently operate and make decisions on root inclusion/change requests, and verify audit data for their root stores;
  • Send email to all CA Owners in their program according to specified criteria;
  • Automate sending reminders to CA Owners about when periodic updates are due;
  • Share their findings in verifying data related to root and intermediate certificates including annual audits, policy documentation, contact information, etc.;
  • Make root-store-specific customizations to the CCADB (subject to CCADB Steering Committee approval);
  • Propose and help design customizations to the CCADB that impact all Members (subject to CCADB Steering Committee approval); and
  • Publish data relating to the CA certificates included in their programs.


The cost of operating and maintaining the CCADB is shared among the Root Store Operators (Members). The goal in sharing the CCADB is to improve the quality of the CA data and help keep end users safe. It is expressly not a goal to make money from sharing the CCADB.

Currently, the following types of costs are shared among Members:

  • Subscription fees and other costs imposed by the underlying CRM (e.g., Community and Enterprise license costs);
  • Costs of implementing shared customizations to the interface or data; and
  • Maintenance costs.

These categories of costs are subject to change.

Interested in becoming a Root Store Operator (Member) in the CCADB? See how.